Penguin Watch Talk


  • mwocean by mwocean

    I definitely missed some identifabl adults, but in trying to sort out a likely bird ( e.g. not a penguin) in the image I wound up with a bunch of miscellaneous clicks. Can you undo a click? thanks.


  • gardenmaeve by gardenmaeve moderator

    Oh dear, we've seen that before! The FAQ does tell how to undo a click before you submit the classification. Click on the mark you want to see disappear, then click on the tiny X that appears on the rim of the magnifying circle. Done!

    One way the integrity of our classifications is protected is that after you have submitted your classification, no one- not even the scientists- can change your classification. (Besides the adult and chick King penguins I see a skua in the background- it's on the Other list.)