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(*Not*) Dead Penguins

  • LG_Price by LG_Price

    There appears to be a lot of dead Penguins in this image.


  • gardenmaeve by gardenmaeve moderator

    Hi there, @L.G._Price - No, these are all very sleepy and full Gentoo penguin chicks. While adults (see the white head flash markings?) appear to sleep rarely, chicks drop off to sleep after a feeding. in soometimes very odd positions. Most of the apparent mysteries of penguin life are explaied in the FAQ section. That's the first section found by clicking on Discussion Boards. 😃


  • AvastMH by AvastMH moderator

    Hello @LG_Price ! It's nice to see you over here with the penguins. I'm hoping that they are as enjoyable to mark as the seabirds? 😃