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  • AnimalJamTime by AnimalJamTime

    How come there are so many chicks!?!?!?!?


  • AvastMH by AvastMH moderator

    Hello @AnimalJamTime Welcome to PenguinWatch, and a heap of King penguin chicks. They must be feeling pretty warm at +11C although we've seen it much hotter there on the odd day.

    Why so many chicks? Well mum and dad are hard pressed to get enough food into these chicks. They are quite some size and their feeding demands must seem endless to the parents. By this size both parents go to sea to get dinner for junior. A few adults stay behind to guard the creche. The adult really only guards its own chick, but as they stand so close the group gets some protection as well.

    Here's a picture with a lot of adults standing by the camera - so you can see it does vary from day to day:

    enter image description here

    Do check out our FAQs (especially FAQ4 which gives more information about adults and chicks):

    I hope you enjoy marking the penguins! 😄