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Breeding cycles (chicks --> adults)

  • yshish by yshish moderator, translator

    I created breeding cycles* for each species to help you get 'oriented', so you can check when to expect eggs or chicks in the images.

    Adélie penguins:
    ![Breeding cycle of adelies](

    Chinstrap penguins:
    Breeding cycle of chinstraps

    Southern gentoo penguins:
    Breeding cycle of southern gentoos

    Northern gentoo penguins:
    Breeding cycle of northern gentoos

    Breeding cycle of rockhoppers

    I'm not going to create any breeding cycle graphic for the king penguins, since their eggs are very well hidden under their bodies and their chicks can be present during the entire year.

    *Adapted from Pinguins info (2014) by Zuzi/Yshish /aproved by the PW science team.


  • jmcat by jmcat

    Thank you! Really useful!


  • Mamaganoush by Mamaganoush

    So helpful! Thank you!


  • Singingway by Singingway

    The tutorial/initial orientation should include a link to this!


  • sldpac by sldpac

    This is great. Are there any pictures of the eggs? Are they not usually under the parent's feet ?


  • sldpac by sldpac in response to Singingway's comment.

    I agree with singingway, include in the tutorial, or make readily available, at the bottom of each image


  • yshish by yshish moderator, translator

    Hi guys,

    I can ask, but can't promise you they will add that link to the tutorial.

    As for the eggs, they can be white or beige or just dirty.. usually inside the nest/at the feet of the parent but sometimes outside the nest when abandoned. They can rarely be seen, but please, don't mark any eggs unless you can really see some.