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FAQ - 8th Hashtags, collections, user profiles, messages, discussions

  • yshish by yshish moderator, translator

    8.1 Hashtags - How to use them?

    • You may have noticed we are using hashtags in comments for some observations but not very often. The purpose of hashtags is very specific here - it helps us find what we need.

    • Please, do NOT use hashtags and do NOT create your own tags on your own.

    • If you find something extraordinary that you think that deserves to be hashtagged, feel free to suggest the hashtag to a moderator:
      ( @AvastMH , @gardenmeave , @yshish ).

    • There is a List of tags being used for this project you can choose from for your suggestions.

    • The only tags you can use any time are listed here:

    • #repeated - when you get the same image to classify again. It happens rarely and both images would have to have the same image ID (URL - the address of the image). You can also tell it by seeing the same comments, especially when the first one is made by you).

    • #DailyZoo - we use it for image suggestions for Daily.Zooniverse blog. If you want to be sure your suggestion isn’t missed, then share the link to it in the DailyZoo suggestion thread on the main Zooniverse Talk.

    • If we use a lot of hashtags the search facility becomes unreliable so it is often best to make yourself a collection (click ‘Collect’ on the picture) instead. Then you can easily show off your finds to family and friends or teachers.

    • You can also use hashtags for creating an automatic collection, using the ‘Tag group’ button - it will collect all images marked with a specific keyword up to the limit of 500 images. You won’t be allowed to add any other images in it on your own.

    • The most popular hashtags are so popular that the Search will find thousands of them, and that is another good reason to not make the list of results even longer. Instead, collect good pictures for yourself.

    • You can also use the @ symbol for mentioning moderators or other users. It will work as a link to their profile only (they will not be notified). Be careful and write the name accurately - don’t confuse capital with lowercase letters and vice versa, and use a space behind the username before typing a punctuation or brackets to avoid breaking the link.


  • yshish by yshish moderator, translator

    8.2 Profile pages & collections

    • How to collect images?

    • In the classification interface, click on the button called ‘Favorite’ with a heart symbol, just above the image on the right. It will add it to your ‘Favorites’ collection. After using, the heart turns red. You can ‘unfavorite’ it by clicking on the button again - the heart symbol will turn white again.

    • On the Talk every image has a button in its top left corner called ‘Collect’. When you click on that a ‘drop-down’ menu appears allowing you to start a new collection or to add it to your ‘Favorites’ (or other collections you have created). After using the button, you’ll see ‘Collected’ showing the image was added to your collection.

    • How to get (in)to your collections, how to edit them?

    • Just click on your username anywhere on the Talk page, or on the little envelope on the Classification page. It will take you to your Talk profile page where you can find all your collections after scrolling down a bit.

    • Click on a collection if you want to edit it. You can remove any picture, change the collection name, add some keywords to it or comment on your collection. Be sure to save your changes.

    • What else to find on your Talk Profile page?

    • Comments you posted

    • Discussions you participated in

    • Collections you created

    • Private messages (the list actually shows only the last message from the message thread. Click on the message subject to display the previous messages or to reply on it).

    • Setting time preferences (just next to your profile picture).

    • Your avatar (profile picture) - changing it can be done by clicking on the current image. It will take you to the main Zooniverse profile page.

    • There is another Profile page which can be visited only from the Classification interface using the ‘Profile’ button from the top menu. It is your Project Profile page.

    • You’ll find all images you have classified signed in under your username there. So if you forgot to click on the Discuss button you can comment on the image later.

    • You can find your Favorite collection there as well, but no other collections you have created using the Talk.

    • How to get to someone else’s collections/comments? Just click on the username and it will take you to their profile page!


  • yshish by yshish moderator, translator

    8.3 Discussions

    • There are three main discussion boards:

    • Help - for discussing technical problems

    • Science - for discussing classification problems, your observations, scientific discussions about penguins/Antarctica etc.

    • Chat - for anything else which doesn’t fit in the previous two.

    • If you find an interesting discussion or an image with interesting comments you can ‘Follow’ them by using the Follow button (on the right side above the discussion). Then you’ll find it under ‘Following’ page on the main Talk menu (at the top).

    • You can share the images on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest just by clicking on the proper icon (on the right above the discussion on the Talk, or after finishing the classification just below the Discuss button.)