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FAQ - 9th Joining the project as a school

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    9.1 Joining as a school

    “Are you interested in being part of Penguin Watch as a school class or organisation? We’re getting through the first round of Penguin Watch data- it’s amazing and it’s doing the job we wanted, which is to revolutionise the collection and processing of penguin data from the Southern Ocean – to disentangle the threats of climate change, fishing and direct human disturbance. The data are clearly excellent, but we’re now trying to automate processing them so that results can more rapidly influence policy. We’re building an interface so that as people participate, they will be able to see the results of their activity.”

    Kind Regards, Tom Dr Tom Hart, Penguinologist. Department of Zoology, University of Oxford

    In the meantime you can still get involved! Sign up as a class, and the Penguin Watch team will manually send you information about a specific colony.

    Please email Tom Hart at We’d like to know the size of your class, if there is any special topic and the likely start date.