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News of Antarctica

  • AvastMH by AvastMH moderator

    Dear All,
    Randi on OldWeather found this interesting article covering a trip to Antartica by Greenpeace. In early 2018 Reuters photojournalist Alexandre Meneghini travelled to the beautiful and vulnerable world of Antarctica with Greenpeace. Starting in Punta Arenas, Chile, the crew set out to document the effects of climate change, pollution and fishing on native wildlife.

    "Antarctica itself is currently protected under the Antarctic Treaty, but there is a lot of scope for abuse of the waters around Antarctica," said Tom Foreman, Greenpeace expedition leader. "So, the chance to protect these areas, which are so vital to such a huge number of species in so many ways, can't be missed."

    The pictures are fascinating (I liked the 'footprints' and the 'penguin paths' pictures) and all part of Greenpeace's campaign to establish a marine area sanctuary. There is a gathering pressure from many organizations and countries to create the marine nature park to keep the southern oceans safe near Antarctica.

    Here are some of the pictures:

    Alexandre Menghini says "My encounters with the penguins were wonderful and joined my list of unforgettable moments. They do not see humans as predators and can surround you for hours if you do not move much. Along with my dog, I think they are the sweetest things in this world."