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Subject: APZ00077bd

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  • carol.callahanmaureen by carol.callahanmaureen

    More pengs on rock outcrop b'goround, too indistinct to ID spp. Also marked skua, looks more gull outline cf. chunkier body of giant petrel


  • AvastMH by AvastMH moderator

    Hi CAROL!!! NICE to see you back again! 😄


  • Roxxanne by Roxxanne

    I marked the bird as petrel b/c the wings seemed too long for a skua, plus turned-up wingtips. I would be interested to know which it is.


  • yshish by yshish moderator, translator

    Brown Skuas have about 126–160 cm (50–63 in) in wingspan. I would go for the #Skua in this case.