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  • Subject APZ000ewj2

    This is the Falklands, lot's of other options here. I'd say they are geese, but indeed it's a bit far and dark too tell.

  • Subject APZ000eybb

    Yes, most adults in the front are moulting indeed.

  • Subject APZ000fsrl

    Haha, cool, must be the Falklands, I see sheep! How do we mark those? Others? Or just ignore?

  • Subject APZ000bli6

    It'll be a while before I get access to that camera. Be home for a while and then offline for 2.5 months...
    But I'l fairly certain.

  • Subject APZ000bli6

    I took a picture of the cam with the view. But left it on the ship... I'll look it up when I have access to it again...

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