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  • Subject APZ000fbxs

    Can't identify wildlife on the grass.
    Is there a keystroke to mimic the click on rhs of the target? Much easier than shuffling cursor around

  • Subject APZ000fshw

    Appear to be 7 geese in background. Also bright white spot on edge of grass, lhs, could be snowy sheathbill.

  • Subject APZ000f7fq

    There seem to be 2 geese, rhs, on the grass. I have not counted domestic sheep / cows.

  • Subject APZ000bdml

    There are possibly about 30 penguins in this picture, but I cannot positively identify any of them.

  • Subject APZ000bqcw

    Possibly some birds in top left corner, and perhaps a head showing to the left of the large rock in the centre of the photo.

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