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    Thanks everyone! You are awesome guys 😃 And yes, please, do join us on the new platform, there are plenty penguin images to be classified!

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    @AVGVSTA I think it may be snowing, although you are right about the moulting. Even adults moult every year to keep the insulation and waterproof qualities of their feathers.

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    The light reflection is very strong here so it is difficult to tell.

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    @AVGVSTA Yes, well noticed. You can mark them as chicks as long as you can see any chick features. (They look a bit punk, don't they?)

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    @AVGVSTA It's a good question. We don't see King penguin eggs very often as they are hidden under the skin fold you see above their feet. That's why we cannot say whether they're incubating eggs or warming up little chicks who aren't able to stay on their own yet.

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