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Which ones are counted?

  • PaulQ by PaulQ

    In many pictures, there are penguins in the foreground, a few, for example on an island at about 100 metres, and then a load of them as dots on some more distant island or icefield: is the idea to count those in the foreground or every possible penguin?


  • gardenmaeve by gardenmaeve moderator

    Good question, @PaulQ. I'm glad you asked.

    Have you had a chance to read and think about the FAQs ? All is clearly explained there. Briefly, The penguins close by are the first priority, and as many more as you can mark accurately. Our dream is to have every penguin counted, and we are thrilled when you can count every one in a photo.

    When there are too many or they are too distant to count accurately, or when you've marked what you can (we hope at least 30) and want to move on, please use "Too many penguins to count" so our scientists know there are more. You can use the same choice when the image is obscured by snow or darkness.

    Does that help? Also, if you click on "Recent" at the top of the page, you can see all the photos that have been marked and by clicking on them you will se how others have classified (helpful for new counters especially) and you can read answers to your questions and comments.