Penguin Watch Talk

**Hashtags Are Used Only By Moderators.** Volunteers may request that moderators consider adding these hashtags.

  • gardenmaeve by gardenmaeve moderator


    #behaviour - Interesting behaviour (British spelling, also #behavior), can be combined together with feeding, pebblers etc. There is a tag group for behaviour, collecting them all into a single collection.

    #creche- Chicks form creche groups for safety and warmth when they are old enough for both parents to go fishing to feed the growing chicks. APZ000a2q6 APZ0004ve9 APZ000a693

    #dead - Used for animals which are definitely dead (blood, shrunken, being eaten. etc,)

    #ecstatic and #display - Penguins calling with head back and body movements which help bond a partnership with a mate or other penguins in a rookery.

    #feeding - Used both for adults feeding chicks and predators feeding on chicks (See #predation)

    #hatching Egg in process of hatching, not an empty broken egg

    #mating - Penguins showing mating behaviour

    #marching - Penguins marching in a long, single line, one behind other like here APZ0004hdj

    #moulting - Penguins, adults or chicks, moulting fluffy, messy, old feathers (Also #molting)

    #mutual #display - Penguins using ritualized body movements to bond with a mate. APZ0007wi2 .

    #nest_builder - Northern Gentoos living in grassy areas carry seaweed/grass in beaks to their nests. APZ0009abu (similar to #pebbler)

    #nesting - Adult penguin lying on its belly in a nest to hatch eggs.

    #outofseason - Shows nesting out of season, when others are moulting or all other eggs have hatched. APZ000ajjm APZ000a50q

    #pathway - Pathways trampled into the snow by penguins.

    #predation - Visual evidence of a predator attacking or feeding on a penguin. APZ000a29v

    #pebbler or #pebble - Penguin carrying a pebble in its beak, or trying to steal/pick up a pebble.

    #preening - Birds cleaning and waterproofing their feathers with their beaks.

    Interesting Objects/Appearances

    #AllAboutLight - Used to track special images with beautiful lighting

    #darkfeet - Penguins with unusually dark feet (mud) see top left penguin here APZ0005tp9

    #green_poop - Guano/poop/poo seen when fasting during moult and while brooding eggs for a long time. Also a sign of not enough food, when penguins eat algae instead of fish/krill. APZ0008n9e

    #injury or #injured - Penguins with a wound, bleeding, broken flipper etc. (not penguins with red mess on them from their neighbours’ red krill-coloured poo.) APZ0004uxw

    #albino, #leucistic, or #isabellinism - Albino = animal produces no melanin (colour/color) at all anywhere. Leucism = less melanin in dark feathers, as seen here APZ0003acn. Isabellinism dilutes pigment in coloured feathers to brown or greyish yellow.

    #pengfun - When you see something amusing (naughty theft of pebbles from other nests for example) 😃

    #poopart - Guano/poo/poop - penguins doing a poo, or interesting poo stains, Pollock-like art made of poo, or penguins hit by a blast of guano.

    #published - Used by Moderators in relation to social media publishing.

    #sea_ice - We see spectacular sea ice formations, like pancake ice and floating hippos/LochNess Monsters

    #socialmedia - Moderators tag interesting images for use in social media settings.

    #tailfeather - Moulted (molted) tail feathers are used in nests. Sometimes we see them!