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FAQ - 10th Technical problems, mistakes in the classification & other questions

  • yshish by yshish moderator, translator

    10.1 Troubles with the interface

    • One of the most common problems is that it is not possible to mark anything in the picture. If it happened to you, please, make sure you have clicked on the ‘Yes’ button just below the first question when there are any animals present.

    • If you have any technical problems with the interface, there are few suggestions to try first and if none of them helps, please, let us know via the Bug list thread or contact our moderator @yshish via the private message system (top right corner):

    • Try reloading the page.

    • Try clearing your browser cache. Here is a tutorial showing how to do that in various browsers.

    • Try opening the project page in a private/incognito window/tab of your browser.

    • If nothing helped then tell a moderator by posting a comment or sending a Private Message (PM). We’ll need to know what device, what Operating System and what browser version you’re working on. You can use this page to figure out what we’re asking for and just copy & paste your details for us:

    • If the problem is visible on the page, you can also make a screenshot and share it with us. (You’ll have to upload it somewhere on the internet first, using a free online gallery like


  • yshish by yshish moderator, translator

    10.2 Mistakes in the classification

    • Don’t worry if you think you have made a mistake in the classification. Each image is reviewed by multiple volunteers. The scientists will compare the classifications with each other and the consensus will be used as the result. Any mistakes should get sorted out this way.

    • You can make a comment on the picture if you’d like to learn what to do another time. But remember that the comments are not included in the classification results. They can be read on the Talk only.


  • yshish by yshish moderator, translator

    10.3 What to do when you aren’t sure how to classify?

    • Check out the FAQs again, there may be a helpful section you have missed 😉

    • Revisit the project Tutorial on the classification page. (Click on the 'Revisit Tutorial' button above the image on the right.)

    • If you aren’t sure whether the object is a penguin or a rock, then it is always better not to mark that.

    • When you aren’t sure whether the penguin is a chick or an adult, mark it as adult (check out the FAQ n.4 for differences between chicks and adults or look at the Parade just below the image you’re classifying).

    • If you aren’t sure whether there are two chicks huddling in the nest or just one, mark it as one please.

    • If you aren’t sure whether you have marked all the penguins, just tick the ‘There were too many penguins to mark’ even when you have marked fewer than 30.

    • Take it easy & have fun! 😄

    Thank you for reading our FAQs. Let us know if we have missed something there. We very much appreciate all your help with the project!

    Thank you! ❤❤❤

    Your PW moderators,
    @yshish @gardenmaeve @AvastMH